Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm a Giver aka here have some advice

Who doesn't enjoy the great blogs out there that show pictures of domestic bliss, clean tables with floral arrangements and tidy floors, or gorgeous pastries whipped up in only 4 hours with 16 ingredients? Or pages heaped with directions to knit your own organic diapers and hand-sew table runners for the fancy parties you throw for your neighbors?
Well this is not it. I lack a domestic gene. I hate washing dishes. I have two little boys who make more messes than I could have possibly EVER imagined before I dreamt of popping them out. They also can sit still for about 5 minutes of a craft project. And they can put up with about 5 minutes of my absence before they start enacting Lord of the Flies.
I recently gave up Facebook because it gave me high levels of anxiety over the imperfection that was my life. How could I not be making gingerbread houses with my boys? Or cooking meals that included at least 5 power foods and no wheat/dairy/sugar/salt/air? Where was the romantic dinner for my husband that I prepare after the children are asleep? Why haven't I learned how to do a perfect cat-eye?
I just am not that cool. Or organized.

Instead of feeling guilty about all the things I'm not, I'm going to celebrate the things that I am-
Mildly cleaning-obsessed

And I need a place to put down what works for me and what doesn't, all with a good amount of sarcasm thrown in. I want to replace what Facebook was going for- a sense of community- with an actual community. And if it's just me and myself having a good ol' time, I can deal with that, as I make myself laugh and buy myself ice cream.
Ben and Jerry's.
Blueberry Graham.
Oh yeah.
First piece of advice- a pint of ice cream a night is probably less considered "a treat" and more considered "a habit".
You're welcome.

At least I'm habitual-

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  1. I am sassy and sardonic and here to weigh in on this here spot of blog. I frequently make foods that don't contain air, I don't know the definition of a cat eye, and I will counter-point your Ben & Jerry's with Raspberry Chocolate.