Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gluten-free Update: Cry Me a River

Gluten-free update, maybe day 6? 5? I don’t know, all the sad wheat-free days are running together. I have no energy. I thought cutting it out would boost my energy, give me radiant skin, and I would start Benjamin Button-ing my way to a youthful 26. Nope. I am irritable. I have NO ideas of what to make. Sure, I have recipes from the internetz, but almost all include a BOATLOAD of ingredients and take time. And right now there just ain’t a lot of time.
I took my boys to the pediatrician for the body rash, as it progressed into a full-body thing after their hours of operation this weekend, and they announced it was a combo of eczema and a viral rash. I asked if changing our diet would help the eczema and she said most likely not. But dammit if I didn’t just spend a small country’s GDP on wheat-free and dairy-free and egg-free ingredients, so we are sticking to our guns. Also, I have a bit of disbelief towards doctors and what they prescribe. I worked in a health food store for a better part of early adulthood- I’m programmed to believe more in vitamins and healthy living. But then again if I got cancer I would blast that crap with enough radiation to make me glow, because reasons.
So no- I don’t have any delicious recipes to share. We’ve been eating grilled chicken, almond butter in rice tortillas, and gluten-free oatmeal, so there’s very little creativity going on. If you have some ideas I would gladly listen. I’m thinking of making beans and rice for dinner tomorrow, but the thought of no delicious cheese is mildly heartbreaking. After we’ve cut out everything for another week or so, then we will add stuff back in and see if there are reactions. And who knows- this dreary weather is enough to cause most of the symptoms I am seeing.
Dear Polar Vortex, seriously consider a hobby.

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