Saturday, March 8, 2014

Surviving Gluten-Free: Day One Recap

Day One of Horrible Diet down. It ended with my youngest pooping by the large indoor plant, stepping in it, and running around the house.
Maybe in protest to no wheat, dairy or egg?
It was very fun to hand-clean, steam mop, and then regular mop the dining room.
Perhaps a bit obsessive?
But when you see little baby poop footprints all over your wood floors, it unleashes your inner OCD.
I made a very unsuccessful dinner (mostly because I followed the recipe which I don’t believe was intended for a family of four) of breaded chicken using many ingredients that I had to improvise on, since I am rarely appropriately prepared and also because grocery shopping with two screaming children makes me forget items and run through the aisles “Supermarket Sweep”-style.
I made a granola that I found pretty edible, but my husband deemed too expensive and one child won’t even deem to put in his mouth.
And then to cap it all off with poop footprints.

So all in all not one of my better days.
But if I can believe what the interwebz says about symptoms of wheat intolerance, I should be so happy and energetic with clear skin within a week or so of giving it up. I hope we all survive long enough to see that blessed day.


  1. I'd pay good money to see you run through aisles 'supermarket sweep' style. Ppl who didn't grow up in the 80s are missing out on game show fun, I think.
    I gave up electricity and showering for Lent :/ thanks, powerlines.

  2. they always went for the giant turkeys. or the batteries.
    i'm giving up sleep for lent. accomplished!

    1. yes, giant turkeys, which aren't really that expensive. what about lobster or something?
      Oy. sleep is overrated along with power, apparently.