Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reviews of Things: Go Diego Go

One day you might be a parent, or you are already one, or you may even just watch a kid because you are kind or you kidnapped it. Either way, you will be subjected to some pretty brutal stuff. Diaper changes, burping, baths, crying fits: all of these could be in your future. How to get through it mildly unscathed?
I'm here to help.

Cuz I'm a giver.

I'm going to review stuff (cuz stuff is great) so you know whether it is a good thing, a bad thing, and save yourself alllll that mental anguish of finding out on your own.

First up, a gem in children's entertainment:
Go Diego Go.

This is an older Nickelodeon show, and I'm pretty sure they came up with it after Dora the Explorer. In fact, Diego is a cousin of Dora.
There are some cool aspects of the show, like finding out more about wildlife and learning traits of animals. We discovered this show on Amazon Prime. Our cable company just upgraded so you have to have a cable box to get cable, and I am so decidedly lazy that I didn't call them to get a free box (yeah, you even get the box for free- but man it's hard to dial numbers ughhhhh), which meant we had nothing to watch upstairs. Then by chance I discovered that you get FREE streaming movies, tv etc with Amazon Prime, which we already have because we buy all the diapers in the world. So we have been watching new shows, such as a really cute one called Pocoyo, and then others like this lovely Diego.
If you are new to the Dora franchise, dear sweet little Dora attempts to teach your children Spanish, and repeats directions to places about 3000 times per episode. I hate Dora. I don't believe in violence against children so I won't gouge her eyes out, but I would sit her in the naughty corner for sure. Diego is also trying to teach your children Spanish. I don't appreciate this aspect, since my kids can't even speak English. It's mildly amusing, since Diego will say some Spanish word and ask you to repeat it, and my kids will utter forth such unintelligible goop. 
Also, the character is voiced, at least for the first three seasons, by that little boy from Wizards of Waverley Place, who I just googled and turns out he is Spanish. So checkmate, Diego. 

Wrap up
Good: educational, keeps kids involved, lots of animals which kids love
Bad: my kids are too incomprehensible to be bilingual, stop telling me to stand up and climb like a jaguar- I'm sitting down and I want to stay down, thanks, and speaking of jaguars, pretty sure that Diego having a pet jaguar is teaching kids that jaguars are friends, which might not be great if you live in a jaguar-heavy area, and finally, his sister Alecia says they are animal scientists which I kinda question since they are what like 8 and 11? Maybe rules are more lax in whatever country they are from.

Overall- much better than Dora, more educational than Spongebob, but has a few flaws. Nothing that watching 9 seasons of won't fix.

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